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Community Services

One of the primary purposes of the South Bay Quilters Guild (SBQG) is to serve those in need. This page provides an overview of our current charitable outreach programs, as well as a listing of the charities that we support.

Community Charity Quilts

Contact: Mary Shadbourne

(more details to come)

View photos in the Community Services photo gallery.

Quilts for Wounded Soldiers

Contact: Arlene Zobrist

Community Services has a new project of making quilts for soldiers injured in the war. The quilts are shipped to combat hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan and given to soldiers in Intensive Care Units. These troops are often sent home in unheated cargo planes, so the quilts are functional for warmth in addition to showing that we care and thank them for their sacrifices.

Quilts for Wounded Soldiers is sponsored by a volunteer organization called Citizen Support for America’s Military (Citizen SAM), founded by a group of parents to help with special needs for our military. Recently the Director of Citizen SAM took 10 quilts to Walter Reed Hospital and presented a special Purple Heart quilt to a soldier who lost his leg (photo below). The Director said at one point she was overcome by seeing our wounded face to face, and told them there was “love in every stitch” of their quilts. Several of the 10 quilts were made by SBQG members, Marilyn Pound, and the project coordinator Arlene Zobrist.

The quilts needed are ”quick quilts” with just 3 requirements:
  •   Size is 4 ft x 6 ft 6 in, or 48 inches by 78 inches (the size of stretchers and gurneys)
  •   All cotton; no synthetics, including the batting
  •   Red/white/blue or appropriate patriotic theme (no cartoon characters)

The design can be simple and anything you choose. Since many quilts are needed, quantity is more important than time-consuming patterns, but all quilts are welcomed. Marilyn Pound used some patriotic fabric from her stash to create two lovely patchwork quilts (Thank You, Marilyn!). Arlene Zobrist often uses a center block and frames it with coordinating fabrics. You can be as creative or simple as you want and they will all be deeply appreciated. One Doctor in Iraq thinks the quilts do soldiers more good than receiving a medal, which they often pin onto their quilts.

View photos in the Community Services photo gallery.

Read Me a Quilt

Contact: Julie Maas

(more details to come)

One Million Pillowcases

Contact: Julie Limbach Jones

SBQG will be participating in this program for 2010. Julie Limbach Jones will collect and tally the pillowcases and Mary Shadbourne will distribute them to worthy charities in our community. Watch the total grow! Download the pillowcase patterns (updated quarterly). See also the "hot dog method" of construction. Also see a good visual of how the hot dog is layered.