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The 2010 Quilt Show Entry Form (in the Members Only section) is updated to include the "Release for Photography" section. Please use this new form when submitting your quilts for the 2010 quilt show. Thanks!

October 20th meeting

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Just a reminder that our October meeting is on Tuesday the 20th and begins at 6:45pm. See you there!

Amazon Referral Program

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Thank you to all Guild members who have submitted orders through our Amazon referral program. For the months of August and September, we earned $106 for the Guild! Wonderful! If you (or family or friends) plan to order through Amazon, please click on the Amazon link in the left navigation column of the SBQG website. The Guild earns a referral fee (4%-10%) of orders initiated through the SBQG site. And for your privacy, our monthly Amazon report shows the items ordered but does not show who ordered them. Happy shopping!

My daughter was telling me yesterday that she was going to start a "thread" on Facebook with an idea she had for a friend's birthday.  Of course, that kind of thread is not what immediately pops into mind when addressing quilters!  She had to explain it to me.


Almost 30 years ago, I began my post-college career in business systems, but left after 10 years to raise a family.  Since then, the technology field has changed so dramatically that I am now like a dinosaur--extinct (technologically speaking)!  I can't believe how many ways there are to communicate nowadays and I'm barely conversant in the lingo.  But thank goodness we have talented and enthusiastic members who are exploring new ways to keep in touch. 


Welcome to the South Bay Quilters Guild blog.  We hope to provide you with timely information about our organization and events.  Be sure to check out our website http://www.southbayquiltersguild.org/index.htm for details.  Happy Quilting!


- Julie

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